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On The Farm

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"Trust the magic of beginnings"

LOOK - This is really happening!!! In September we planted a mini-wildflower meadow at the entrance of the farm with seeds from American Meadows and then we started preparing our first flower bed, near the fallen down barn in the back. This first flower bed is for fall bulbs and early spring flowers that need overwintering. This initial flower bed is 6 ft x 50 ft. and not exactly where I thought I would put it, when I began planning. T

The compost was added on a very rainy Saturday morning, and what a mess- but it was fun and memorable. It cracks me up to think about our youngest son, Graham, complaining about the smell when we picked up the big scoop of compost at our local seed store.

Before you go, notice that nice tractor and truck in the photos...? Oh my gosh, we are sooo lucky to have dad's John Deere to get the work done!

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